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Mr. Shanmugasuntharam Kirubhaharan


Mr. Shanmugasuntharam Kirubhaharan (Dr. Carlos) is a British Citizen and have more than 24 years of working experience and played vital Senior Management roles in the successful execution of various prestigious projects and magnanimous business ventures around the Globe.

Dr. Carlos worked with Late His Excellency Thureign Aung (His Excellency was appointed as “Special Envoy for Economic Development and Telecommunications” for the Republic of Vanuatu, Chairman and CEO of Investment and Trade – Lipp Engineering Sdn Bhd, Malaysia) in his trading business of Oil and Gas and other commodities.

Dr. Carlos has interest in many businesses and projects all over the world.

Capacity Oil Derivatives LLC is one of his ventures.

His business interests include Oil Refineries, Coal, Palm Oil, Biofuel, Large Scale Agro Plantations, Solar Power Projects, Logistics, Building Oil Storage Tanks, Telecom, Real Estate and Shipping business.

Shanmugasuntharam Kirubhaharan (Dr. Carlos) has personal interest in some welfare projects all over in Asia and Europe.